But seriously..... who even makes gum for a living?

We’re just three best mates who were tired of the current offerings and were convinced energy could be done better.
Energy drinks? Full of sugar and nasty sweeteners. Coffee? Tasty, but expensive and high in calories. No-doz? We’re not trying to get kicked out for popping pills. And don’t get us started on other caffeine gums…
We created Zuum Energy Gum with taste and performance in mind, for whatever your life throws at you.
From a frantic Monday morning commute, to a tedious Tuesday travel day, a wet Wednesday footy training to a sunny Saturday session; keep a pouch in your pocket to stay fresh, sharp and in the moment.
With over two million pieces chewed since launching in 2023 and Australia’s best young athletes and ambassadors on board, we’re Australia’s fastest growing energy brand
So what are you waiting for… grab a pack from over 2,500 front-counters nationally and Dö Energy Better!