Whilst we personally don’t recommend chewing more than six Zuum’s in a day, the FSANZ recommends that adults can safely consume up to 400mg of caffeine per day, so you can enjoy an entire pack if you’re feeling a little naughty.

It’s not coffee flavoured. It’s not Red Bull flavoured. It’s like a cööl mint breeze. Some sensitive gum connoisseurs may notice a slight bitter aftertaste. Don’t stress, it’s just the caffeine doing its thing.

Skiing, studying, workouts, nights out, long drives with your soon to be divorced parents. Whenever you need a clean, fast and effective energy boost, chew Zuum. All you need is 5 minutes before you’re in the zone.

So, you skipped the science section. Zuum’s active ingredients are absorbed buccally, meaning through the lining of the mouth and tongue when you chew. Studies have shown this is up to 5x faster and more efficient than ingestion.

Faster than your overweight uncle can run a kilometre. Within five minutes you’ll absorb around 80% of the caffeine.

Two and a half years if you look after it, but if you haven’t chewed it by that stage you’re probably never going to, are you? Just do all the normal food things like keeping it out of the sun and away from heat and it’ll last longer than my pet gold-fish. Still miss you Gary.

Yes. Zuum is WADA and SIA compliant and scientifically formulated for peak athletic performance. It provides a fast acting, highly effective energy boost without the harsh acidic liquids that weigh you down.

We’ve avoided common nasties like sugar, aspartame and stevia, plus its ultra-low calorie so you can chew guilt-free.

We work with an industry-leading R&D team to develop and manufacture the best tasting, most effective energy gum on the planet.

40mg of caffeine per piece, the equivalent of half a coffee or energy drink.

Zuum is vegan and gluten free. Trust me, we love animals… and people with intolerances.

Yes, Zuum’s sugar-free, xylitol based formula ensures your mouth stays clean and fresh. Xylitol supports dental hygiene and reduces the effects of tooth decay, so your dentist won’t give you the annual lecture.