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Maximum performance & taste

& taste

Zuum’s market-leading formula is designed to maximise the bioavailability of our high-quality ingredients, providing Aussies the healthiest, best-tasting and most enjoyable energy gum on the market.
Zuum Energy Gum - Do Energy Better

What's in it?

Our carefully selected, high quality ingredients boost energy, reduce fatigue and support focus.


Partly derived from natural guarana, the 40mg of caffeine in each piece is the driving force behind Zuum’s clean energy boost.

40 MG

Vitamin B5

Responsible for breaking down fats and carbohydrates into usable energy, Vitamins B5 reduces fatigue in the body and boosts energy levels.

1.5 MG

Vitamin B6

Supports focus and cognitive performance. B6 also assists the creation of key hormones serotonin and norepinephrine, which help you stay calm and deal with stress.

0.5 MG


Proven to support dental hygiene and reduce the effects of tooth decay, our Xylitol-based formula ensures your mouth stays clean & fresh.

0.1 MG

Rapid absorption

As you chew Zuum, the active ingredients are absorbed buccally through the lining of the mouth, rapidly releasing the active ingredients. This absorption method is faster and more efficient than liquid consumption as the active ingredients are not deteriorated by stomach acids.


Zuum is specifically formulated based on the 6-hour half-life of caffeine. Now you can charge through an evening workout or study session and still get a good night’s rest. Zuum provides a portioned controlled energy boost for when you need it but leaves the body in time for when you don’t.

Quality assurance

Manufactured to the highest global safety standards, our gums are rigorously tested to ensure consistency, efficacy and compliance.