Why it’s time to ditch your midday coffee

Let’s be honest, we’ve all relied on a coffee at some point. And at these moments we’ve all thought ‘surely there’s a better way to get out of my midday slump.’

We’re a Melbourne-born business, so believe us when we say we love a morning coffee. But after one or two per day, we have to reflect on the expense, inconvenience and excessive amount of liquid and calories we’re consuming just to get our caffeine boost. Not to mention the risk of being the office ‘coffee-breath’ guy afterwards.

Thankfully, there’s a new energy product on the market that combines caffeine, guarana and b-vitamins in a tasty, affordable and convenient way.

Introducing – Zuum Energy Gum.

It’s sugar free, gluten free, vegan and packed with 40mg of caffeine + vitamins B5 and B6 at just 4 calories per piece. That’s the energy equivalent of half a coffee, without the jitters, crashes and calories of a coffee.

For the same price as a cappuccino, a pouch of Zuum contains the caffeine equivalent of 5 coffees. Simply put, Zuum is a better way to do energy.

So next time you’re looking for your midday pick-up, skip the queue at the local café, put a pouch of Zuum in your pocket and feel the difference of Doing Energy Better.